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"Empowering the unprivileged youth as custodians of distinct culture"
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The management, staff and students of CTAS would like to sincerely thank all individuals, organizations and well wishers from within the country and abroad for their kind support extended to the school. CTAS would not have survived without the support and commitment from the following organizations and individual well-wishers and donors. CTAS would like to thank the following:

  1. Fontana Foundation for being our primary partner and for taking over the financial responsibility for the school since 2010
  2. Himalayan Youth Foundation (http:/ for being our primary sponsor from 2006 to 2010 and for the continued advice and support.
  3. Choki Handicrafts - for generously providing  fund from 1999 up to 2006 for  the establishment of  CTAS  and for the day to day operation cost.
  4. Fridolin Sports, Switzerland (C/o Elisabeth Marti)
  5. Nakadai Inc. Company, Japan (C/o Nakadai Masashi)
  6. United Nation Women Guild (UNWG), Austria
  7. Mountaineer for Himalayas , Andorra  (C/o Ester)
  8. Betterplace, Germany
  9. 1% Development Fund, Austria
  10. Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Bhutan
  11. National Institute of Zorig Chusum, Royal Government of Bhutan.
  12. HYF –UK, England
  13. Boonserm Tours and Travel, Bhutan.
  14. Children for better world, Germany
  15. Young Environment Group, Japan
  16. Lets know Asia, Japan
  17. BERNINA International AG, Switzerland
  18. CHOKI
  19. Karma Calendar, LLC (Resa Listort)
  20. Foundation for the Promotion of Individual Opportunity
  21. Peter Ustinov Foundation

The list of individuals and well wishers from within the country and abroad :

  1. Koenraad Foulon and his daughter Leila Foulon, UK
  2. Mario & Elsa Fontana, Switzerland
  3. David & Jennifer Bidwell, Switzerland
  4. Micheline Kramer, Florida USA
  5. Mr. Lam and Mrs. Anh Nguyen, Singapore
  6. Arianne & Andreas Moser, Switzerland
  7. Alan & Patricia Beckell, USA
  8. Symon & Louise Bisser, Netherlands
  9. Andrew Knight, UK
  10. Jay Tunney
  11. Nawratil Franz & Gudrun, Switzerland
  12. Pamela and Friends, Austria
  13. Diana Rhind, Austria
  14. H.H.Lama Kuba, Bangkok, Thailand
  15. Annileka R. Schanner, USA
  16. Tricia, Australia
  17. Joana Breidenbach, Germany
  18. Edwina Grosvenor and her mother, UK
  19. Monica & Peter Mackey, USA
  20. Sabine Liebherr, Switzerland
  21. Manel Cerqueda Diez & Cristina Cerqueda Diez, Andorra
  22. Marco Vanelisti, USA
  23. Markus A. Gross, USA
  24. Oscar Ribar Duro, Andorra
  25. Granthen
  26. Sarah Ducas
  27. Shingeyoshi Hara, Japan
  28. Naoko Murata, Japan
  29. John Bidwell
  30. Brigitte , Austria
  31. Gerald Stabler, Germany
  32. Naoko Nagao, Japan
  33. Steve Webster, Nepal
  34. Nigel Haynes
  35. Robert Dorfman, Hongkong
  36. Pamela Harris and the ABMSAC friends from Switzerland
  37. Casey Hartnett, Spain
  38. Tim Foster
  39. Ammon Catherine, Switzerland
  40. Carol Andreyev
  41. Krik Fisher
  42. Joan Campbell & Ben Branch

We also would like to express our gratitude to all the above mentioned organizations and individual well-wishers for their support in kind, sprit and resources extended for the overall development and growth of CTAS.

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