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Posted Date on 7th November, 2017

On 26th April 2017, Mr. Marty Burgess & Mrs. Patricia Thompson from TAFE, NSW, Australia visited CTAS as part of an official Government to Government program. The objective of their visit was to enable TAFE NSW to obtain a first-hand experience of the challenges of Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) in Bhutan. The Principal gave a brief overview of the school, vision, mission and objectives, courses, supporters and the sustainability plan of the school etc followed by a visit to the classrooms and exhibition room and meeting with students and staff. The visitors were very impressed by the school.

" we were both deeply moved by this school, its objectives, its students and staff and the beautiful items the students lovingly make. The staff are committed to their students, to supporting under privileged youth and to maintaining Bhutanese culture through the traditional arts and crafts.  They recognise the need to establish a more sustainable funding model for the school  - there are no tuition fees and all student accommodation & living expenses derives from the sale of student work and private donations from foreign visitors, with minimal government funding.  " - Patricia Thompson

After their return to Australia, on 1st September 2017, Mrs. Patricia Thompson took the personal initiative to help CTAS by organizing a special fund raising event at Ryde TAFE, Australia. They have successfully raised a sum of AUD 2000/- and the school has received the full amount through Patricia Thompson on her return visit to Bhutan in October 2017.

The principal, teachers and students of CTAS would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Patricia and all individuals involved including Bhutanese delegates from the MoLHR present during the fundraising event. Your kind support will go a long way in meeting our school objective of realizing a sustainable funding model that can assure free quality vocational training skills to all our students.

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