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Posted Date on 7th November, 2017

Since last year with support from Capital Group Companies through Mr. Koenraad Foulon on the fencing and proper drainage, the school is now motivated to undertake growing of vegetables as one of the activities. Last year students’ engagement in vegetable growing has proved very successful in terms of reaping many positive benefits:


This year the school continues to thrive in educating students with the organic farming as one of the co-curricular activities of the school. This program help to achieved the following objective

  • The vegetable growing knowledge has helped to develop interest in the students and has positive impact on thinking as well as physical wellbeing;
  • The variety of vegetables grown will not only provide nutrition to the students’ food but this program in the long run will also contribute towards the sustainability of the school; and
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding of the good seasons to grow these vegetables, processes, working with the farmers etc will ultimately contribute in achieving the vision of the country’s Economic Development Policy, 2010: “ To promote a green and self reliant economy sustained by an IT enabled knowledge society guided by the philosophy of Gross National Happiness”.

The photos illustrates the students happily harvesting their organic vegetables.

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