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Cultural program

On 31st October 2009, the last cultural program for the year 2009 was staged. Teachers, students and a few locals from the Kabesa village attended the program. Since the establishment of CTAS in1999 this was the first formal cultural program conducted in the school. This year we have conducted four cultural programs by four houses. The students are divided into 4 houses namely Tag house (Tiger), Singay house (Snow Lion), Chung house (Garuda, a mythical bird) and Druk house (Dragon). The cultural competition comprises of a short drama and a variety of songs and dances from different parts of Bhutan. Such kinds of entertainment have not only engaged our students during the weekends but have also help build confidence and encouraged them to showcase their different customs and tradition which they understand and value. Students take great interest in learning and performing their cultural program especially now that we have a new multi-purpose hall.



Posted on 12th Nov, 09


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