Our Students

Today we have 165 students (116 boys & 49 girls) out of which 18 students are studying as day scholar while the rest are boarding students. We have 19 members of staff at the school today. The students come from different dzongkhags (districts) of Bhutan and have varying educational and family backgrounds. Some are orphans and some come from broken families. Some students never attended school while some have completed their primary schooling. The school provides courses in Lhadri (painting), Jinzo (sculpting; currently not being taught), Pap (carving), Thag-Zo (weaving), Tailoring and Tshem-Zo (embroidery). In addition, the school also teach basic english, maths and dzongkha(native language). Starting from 2011 the school started special course on computers. The course will be gradually expended to include skills in graphic design for the students.

You can click on each of the district in the map below to find out the number of students studying at CTAS from each of the twenty districts.

BOYS : 116
GIRLS : 49