Sonam Tshering shares his story

Aum Singay Bidha, Mother of Sonam Tshering shares her story : I am very proud of my son and what he has learned so far. Sonam is my second eldest son and I am very happy with his achievement. Since my husband cannot hear and speak, it was very difficult for me to bring up these kids in the village by myself. I couldn’t continue to support his education after he studied class three and I had to take him out of the school to help me look after the cows. Fortunately, my son heard about CTAS and he really wanted to learn arts. He dreamed of doing something better for himself. We were fortunate that he got admitted and received support from the school.

My son did not only learn in school, but during his vacation he was able to earn some money and support our family as well. I am very proud that very soon he will now graduate and will be able to lead his life like any other decent person. Our family would like to thank the school and all the supporters for giving such golden opportunities to poor families like ours.

Sonam Tshering Shares His Story : As my mother said, my family and I are very fortunate to get this support from the school. I feel my life is very complete and I’m in a much better position now than I could ever have imagined. As my mother said, the most wonderful part of this education in this school is that we learn and at the same time if we work hard we are in position to generate some pocket money for ourselves and are able to help our family too.

Since I will be graduating this year, I would like to request all my beloved friends to never give up their studies and work hard to get to the final year like myself. I know its very tempting when people offer us attractive money to do work for them but I feel it’s very important that we complete our course so that we will have better work opportunities later.

My advice to my friends is that they should never indulge in relationships while studying, avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking.

I am very grateful to the school and to all the supporters for making me the man I have become. Further I am very grateful to the school for appointing me as leader of the mask dance and providing me the opportunity to teach and interact with many students. I have gained lots of experience and wisdom. As my small contribution and as expression of my gratitude I would like to volunteer maybe once or twice in a year to visit CTAS and teach mask dancing to our younger students. May CTAS grow further and help many more students across the country like myself and bring lots of happiness to everyone. Kadinchey la!

Posted on 9th November, 2017