Sangay Tenzin, a graduate of 2009 shares his experience with the students

I would like to congratulate all the graduating students for their hard work and achievement. I would also like to thank Dasho Choki Dorji for establishing this school to help needy students like us and provide opportunity to become someone worthy in life.

I would like to urge my fellow students to work hard and complete your training successfully. It is important to graduate from the school to overcome unemployment. There is no school where you can get such opportunity to learn without paying any fee and become very productive in one’s life. Therefore, it is very important to use your time very wisely at the school and develop a good attitude which is very important in life.

In the last 6 years after graduating from CTAS, I have worked everywhere from small contracts to bigger work within the Royal family. It is very important to do anything with utmost care and professionalism delivering the best quality work to remain competitive in the market.

I am the eldest son among the 8 children in my family. I had big responsibilities to help my family and live by example to my younger siblings. I worked very hard during my time at CTAS and after I graduated, I have come across many good opportunities and jobs. Today, I am not only able to sustain myself, but I am also able to help and support my family. I realized that we need to have a good heart to do the job we are entrusted with. Further, by doing our job properly and producing quality products, we are also promoting our culture and contribute towards the Gross National Happiness.

Our zorig has potential for employment and can give employment. If we are competent enough, we can work and earn money right after you graduate. If you need any support or guidance, we the ex- graduates will be more than happy to help you as and when you want.

During our time at CTAS, we did not have many of these facilities like you have today. We had difficulties to eat without a proper dining hall, no sporting facilities, amusements, computers, hot water etc like you enjoy today. Compared to our time the present students have all the facilities to enjoy and focus on your training. Therefore make good use of this opportunity that is given to us by Dasho, his family and all the supporters of CTAS. We thank Dasho for his dedication and for starting this school which has bought huge change in our life and family. May Dasho, all the teachers and our well wishes and supporter live long and may CTAS grow and may it help all the students like myself. Once again I take this opportunity on behalf of all the ex-graduates to wish the all graduating student Tashi Delek!

Posted on 9th November, 2017