How You can help us

Any help from individuals and organizations is greatly appreciated. You can support us in the following ways:

Sponsor students

We would like to remind our sponsors and donors that your support will not only help these disadvantaged students but it will also immensely contribute towards the preservation and promotion of our unique culture and tradition of Bhutan.

The sponsorship will go to the neediest students coming from poor or broken families, to orphans and semi-orphans. The overall cost for one student for one year is USD 750/-, the cost is inclusive of tutions, food, course materials and loadging.

You can sponosr students for one year, or for three years or till full completion of the program which is six years.

To sponsor students, please download the form from media & downloads  or Contact Us.


Cash Donation

We still need external funds and supports to enable us to provide high quality art and craft education to our students and to be able to provide 100% free training to the most interested and needy students across the Country. You can support this endeavors by donating to us through the following ways:

You can get tax exemption if you send the donation through Fontana Foundation, Switzerland or Himalayan Youth Foundation, USA. For detail visit or these foundations support our mission and will transfer your donation 100% to our school.


Buy our products

You can help the school by buying our products which are carefully crafted and produced by our students at the school. The crafts sold here are very reasonable price and 100% authentic products of Bhutan.

 You can buy our Handicrafts and authentic Bhutanese furniture products online and we display the best products of the month on sale or visit our school shop or from Choki Handicrafts store in Kawangjangsa, Thimphu which is our primary supporter.

Support CTAS Sustainability Fund

The long term sustainability of CTAS is a major concern for the school, Choki family as well as many well wishers who visited the school.  The current experience reveals that it will be difficult to achieve sustainability for a long run, unless some mechanism is put in place. It is very difficult to finance the school alone from the student’s class and practical work.

Therefore, one possible and viable strategy, derived was to establish a sustainable trust fund for the school. The Practical and class room products sold in the market will continue to form part of the revenue mechanism for meeting the operational expenses.  However, for the sustainable trust fund, other innovative means to generate income are explored.

As a saying goes, “a thousand journeys begin with single step” In Sept 2014, along with our Alumni we started CTAS trust fund with the objective to raised sustainability fund to $100,000 by 2020 for the long term betterment of the school. This goal should help our school to move towards fulfilling our school mission in accordance with the values and vision. Currently as of October 2017 we have acheived 33% of the traget set.

We thank all our supporters both within and outside Bhutan who have contributed and believed in our mission.  Please support us as we still have long way to meet this goal. Thank you!

Write review on Trip Advisor

You may also help us by giving your valuable feedback and recommendation on trip advisor.  For writing your review please click on this link which will take you directly to our review page on TripAdvisor write review

Visit Us

For all our well wishers and supporters, who would like to visit Bhutan and CTAS, we would like to inform you that we can make all necessary arrangements for you through Boonserm Tours & Travels. They will handle everything including visa application, Drukair ticket, tour/trek programs and all other logistic arrangements for the guests. Boonserm Tours & Travels is a supporter of Choki Traditional Art School.

For more information about visiting Bhutan, please visit


Sponsor our Wish List

1 Sponsor student Sponsorship One of the primary objectives of our school is to help those youths who are very interested in the t ...Readmore 750.00 Pending
2 Construct 3 storage Class room building Construction ( RCC building) At the moment we have very congested and small classroom to conduct quality art lesson and workshop ...Readmore 117000.00 Pending
3 Construction of Basketball Court Repair & renovation There is an urgent need to repair and renovation of the existing basketball court which has become v ...Readmore 4500.00 Ongoing
4 Sponsor our final year student's Incountry study tour Funding In the final year before our students graduate from our school, students are given 10 days in countr ...Readmore 2580.00 Pending
5 LED/Solar Campus lighting project Install There is need to install LED/solar campus lights in and around the school campus for student safety ...Readmore 2500.00 Pending
6 Staff HRD support Funding In order to achieve the vision of our school and to uphold professional development, it is very impo ...Readmore 3500.00 Pending
7 Classroom furniture & teaching equipments Purchase To purchase 10 sets of desk & chairs, 5 nos white board, 3 cupboards and shelves 1950.00 Pending